How to wear Latex

How to wear latex - guide.

 How to wear latex - guide.


When you first receive your product from us, it will arrive in a polythene protected sealed bag. The Reason for this is due to the latex item being a very intimate garment, we need to have sealed bags as a guarantee that they haven't been tampered with.

Open the bag and layout the garment. The First treatment of shiner needs to be applied, open the bottle of shiner and spray one side and leave, once the liquid has been absorbed (approximately 5/10 minutes), turn over and apply the same technique. Do not wipe the liquid in, just lightly spread it around.

Talc your body on the areas appropriate, then gently slip into the garment, please take care at this step, and any force will rip tear or damage the rubber. Wear mitts/gloves as nails are prone to pierce the material. Once on, apply the shiner once more, and with a very very soft cloth, shine the area. Touch ups can be applied at anytime.

The Latex rubber is a very thin product, and acts as a second skin. We have been trading for over 9 years and we have sold Tens of Thousands of Rubber products. We have a large amount of customers who just cannot get enough of latex, and they keep coming back for more and more.

We hope you enjoy, and TRUST us, this wont be your first and last time of the LATEX Experience.