Bathmate Trim Shaver USB Rechargeable Trimmer Kit

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The Bathmate Trim Shaver is the ultimate accessory for Bathmate fans that want their hydropump to work even more effectively. The Bathmate Trim Shaver allows you to keep your pubic area well trimmed, creating the perfect environment for the hydropump vacuum seal. This allows your pump to create even more suction for even more efficiency. The better your shave, the better your hydropump works.

This trimmer for men comes with 4 guide combs as well as a precision trimmer. The precision trimmer itself has a comb that allows for 4 different lengths. Bathmate recommends length #3 for a perfect seal. The precision trimmer makes grooming easy. It has a smaller head that gets into those hard-to-reach areas and the fact that it has 2 heads with varied attachments allows you to groom all areas on your body when needed, making this trimmer an exceptionally versatile addition to your grooming routine.

The Bathmate Trim is USB rechargeable for anytime use - simply keep it charged up, and you can use it for grooming-on-the-go. The Bathmate Trim Shaver is a great grooming gadget that makes trimming effortless.

The Bathmate Trim Shaver USB Rechargeable Trimmer Kit was built with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

Inventory Last Updated: Sep 28, 2020