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J-Lube Powder Concentrated Soluble Lubricant Powder - Angelsandsinners

J-Lube Powder Concentrated Soluble Lubricant Powder

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We all have our kinks in the bedroom, things that make us go wild between the sheets. For many individuals, extreme anal play and fisting is where they get their kicks. Well, to experience maximum pleasure from these sexy scenarios, you will need lubricant. Thankfully we stock the J-Lube Powder Concentrated Soluble Lubricant Powder.

This product is very long lasting and helps intensify every session between the sheets. When you purchase this particular J-Lube product, it will come in powder form. Once mixed with water, the substance will transform into a liquid lube that is strong and thick. For the most experienced among us, they need to have this lube in their cabinet!

It is thick yet smooth, so when applied, whatever you choose to slide in will glide with ease. Plus, it is incredibly long lasting, allowing you to enjoy every tremor from your orgasm. You won’t have to worry about nasty tastes or smells as the J-Lube Powder Concentrated Soluble Lubricant Powder is entirely neutral.

Sexual exploration opens up a realm of fantasies, and when it comes to anal play, the possibilities are endless. The more extreme the better! This lube is perfect for such scenarios as it allows you to take your play to the next level.

Once you’ve reached that all-important climax, the last thing you want to do is have a mess to clean up! Well, by choosing the J-Lube Powder Concentrated Soluble Lubricant Powder, you will be able to wipe it off your clothes and body with ease. Sometimes it’s easy to forget about the essentials when you shop for new sex toys, but many of us cannot enjoy them without the little help of lube. It makes the session much more comfortable, but it also enhances your pleasure. A win-win!