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Telescopic Activetool Power Penis Pump

Product Code: 2M1947

Telescopic Activetool Power Pump + 2 sleeves and case - Flesh

Our Telescopic Power Penis Pump comes with 2 loveclone RX sleeves to choose from. The telescopic cylinder  extends to a length of 16 cm. Vacuum is created with an advanced action rubber bulb, which features a push-button vacuum release valve. The elasticity of the Loveclone sleeves create a brilliant seal for all penis sizes without the "elastic band" feeling experienced with many more traditional penis pumps. One sleeve has a pussy shaped entrance, and the other is a straight circular shape.The Loveclone RX material is an improved version that does not become tacky. It does not require the use of anti-friction talc. The Telescopic Power Pump also comes in a convenient black zip case. For the man on the go!


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